Moment May/June 2014 : Cover

arizona • rabbis & addiction • top 10 jewish-american foods • abracadabra germany/israel Germany is Israel’s staunchest defender in the European Union and one of its closest trade and military partners. Will this unlikely friendship stand the test of time? inside the relationship BARBARA PROBST SOLOMON IS SHELDON ADELSON ISRAEL’S RUPERT MURDOCH? DARA HORN on SIMON SCHAMA on PETER MATTHIESSEN SERGE SCHMEMANN on ARI SHAVIT CAN RELIGIOUS PLURALISM & AN OFFICIAL RABBINATE MAY/JUNE 2014 • $6.95 US/CANADA A SYMPOSIUM THAT INCLUDES: COEXIST IN ISRAEL? RUTH CALDERON • DORIT BEINISCH MICHAEL OREN • SUSAN SILVERMAN URI REGEV • FANIA OZ-SALZBERGER JONATHAN ROSENBLUM • DOV LIPMAN

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